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Richard’s Profile

Richard, one of 12 siblings, was born in Accra, Ghana in 1977. Growing up in such a large family has endowed him with an uncanny knack to get along with people from different walks of life with relative ease. In a curious way, it seems like some of the jigsaw of life are serendipitously coming together for Richard in recent years.

He bravely set out to study for a M.Sc. in International Relations in 2010 and graduated in 2012 after many years in accountancy.

Richard has been working with Concern Worldwide (an international Non-governmental organisation) since 2005. His ability to connect with people of all nationalities, ages and social class make him ideally suited for this work.

As it happens, Gerry’s sculpture also reflects his inspiration by different nationalities. This perfect role for Richard to become agent and editor for their book ‘Image and Likeness ‘(Vol.1) propel him in going ahead to established this company which vision is ‘To Identify, Promote and Honour The Difference In People’.

It is Richard’s hope that someday he will be able to use his inter-personal skills, his difference in life with his qualifications for the good of humanity and play part in resolving conflicts and establishing peace.

I know that he has the ability and the passion to make a success of whatever he tackles and will realise his dreams.


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